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Every ounce of our food comes filled with wholesome, healthy, nutritious ingredients. It’s also filled with the most special ingredient of all: Love. Because love makes all the difference in the world.
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  • grain free chicken cat food

    Chicken Air Dried Recipe

    Air Dried refers to the "cooking" step during the manufacturing process. The Air Dried processing allows our food to retain a lot more moisture & nutritional content compared to the conventional dry kibbles.

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  • turkey cat food

    Turkey & Chicken Air Dried Recipe

    Love, Nala's Air Dried Recipes are formulated, developed, sourced, and manufactured right here in the USA!

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  • beef cat food

    Beef Air Dried Recipe

    Our development process for the Air Dried Recipes took over 1.5 years. Our goal is to create the best & healthiest alternative to conventional dry kibbles. Love, Nala was awarded the 2023 "Cat Dry Food Product Of The Year"

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  • Skin & Coat Supplement

    A delicious source of Omega 3 fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat for your cat. These soft chews also contain Biotin to assist in maintaining a healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

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  • Calming Health Supplement

    A functional blend of chamomile, valerian root, L-Theanine & L-Tryptophan helps reduce stress and tension. Can be helpful during thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, and separation anxiety.

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  • Digestion Health Supplement

    An effective source enzymes to help support proper digestion and a healthy digestive tract. Useful for sensitive stomachs or when transitioning foods.

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Dr. Jennifer
"Feeding healthy food is an essential part of maintaining your cat's health. That's why I recommend Love, Nala. Cats love it and you'll love feeding it knowing that it's made from only the best ingredients. What's not to love about that!"
Jennifer Conrad, DVM, winner of the Veterinary HeroesTM program's Feline Medicine category 2022




No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

Quality protein supports lean muscles

Fiber blend supports digestive health

Taurine to support a healthy heart and eyes

No grains, fillers or by-product meals

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Purrs from our furry foodies

"My cat loves this cat food! She laps it up! I love that it smells like real food! I will be ordering more! Thank you for making a quality product!"
Annette C.
"Hunter and Luna both love this product. They eat everything out of your dish. And they seem to be having better bowel movements. I just think it's healthier for them."
Dorothy S.
Our Russian Blue kitty is a really picky eater. We have wasted money on various food products only to have her turn up her tiny nose and walk away. Or she tries a new food item once but never again. We mix this product with her dry food, which she happily eats."
Jeannette H.
"My cat has thyroid disease and I was having to force feed her pills in soft food. Now with Nala, I just crush her pill and put it in the mousse and she eats it. No problem."
Janet W.
Wanted my kitty to try something new, instead of the same old how this foods has real shredded chicken n carrot in there, I know it will be so good for my lil kitty nutrition, she loves it so much 😻"
Han P.