4 Ways to Keep your Cat Hydrated

As a cat-loving family, one of our favorite movies is, of course, Aristocats! The animation is so cute and we love how they showcase the family bond. Though they show the cats slurping up some milk, did you know that it’s not good for most cats? Just like us humans, it’s essential for a cat’s health to drink enough water. Nala can be a bit finicky about drinking her water, especially when we go to a new place so here are some tips that we learned that work for us. 

Place it in the right location

We place ours in the kitchen that’s open and free so she can glance around her surroundings while enjoying her water. We do the same when we take her to hotel rooms. We will place it in an open space, usually the lounge area so she feels safe and secure. 

Choose the right bowl for your cat

Cat’s don’t like it when water touches their whiskers. We created this water bowl with Coffee’s handsome face. If a standard bowl doesn’t work for your cat, we recommend a shallow one so their whiskers don’t touch the water. Or this water fountain which is great because some of our cats enjoy running water and the water is filtered automatically through the fountain. 


Just like how we enjoy freshwater, cats do too. We make it a habit to refill her water at least twice a day.

Add wet food to their diet

Water isn’t the only way to add hydration to their diet. Wet food is a great way to add additional hydration to their diet! Love, Nala has 2 recipes that we think your cat will love; Tuna & Salmon and Chicken & Pumpkin

We hope these 4 tips help with keeping your cat happy and hydrated. 

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