The Funnies

Boops, Biscuits, and Beans!

June 22, 2023

Cats are cute as heck and so are the words we use to describe them. Here are a few fun words you can use when telling everyone why your cat is so purrfect!

Boop - A boop is when you touch a cat on the nose, almost always while saying “boop.”

Biscuit - Making biscuits, also known as kneading, is when cats move their front paws up and down, usually on a soft blanket or human. It’s a comforting action they do when they are happy and is reminiscent of kittens nursing on their mama cat.  

Smol - Smol is a cuter version of the word “small” and is typically used to describe something especially tiny like a kitten. 

Cat Loaf - A cat loaf is when a cat tucks their feet under their body so they resemble a loaf of bread. Cats sit in this position when they are content and resting. It protects their underbelly and vital organs while allowing them to cat nap. 

Snoot - Snoot a cuter version of the word “snout” that conveniently also rhymes with the word “cute” 

Mlem - A mlem is when a cat's tongue licks something and is also the sound they make while they are licking it

Blep - A blep is their lil tongue is peeking out of a cat’s mouth

Teefies - Teefies are a cat’s oh so tiny little teeth 

Toe Beans - Toe beans are the adorable paw pads of a cat, sometimes also called jelly beans since they resemble the candy

Floof - Floof can refer to a cat with especially fluffy fur or the extra fluffy fur itself

Derp - A derp is when a cat does something particularly silly or goofy like making a funny face 

Purrito - A purrito is when you wrap a cat or kitten in a small blanket with just their head poking out so they resemble a burrito. 

Hopefully these words will help you adequately describe how cute and special your furry friend is!

Love, Nala