The Funnies

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Cat

December 13, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here are a few fun ways to embrace the winter spirit and include your cat in the holiday festivities.

Give Your Cat their own Christmas Tree

Give your cat their own Christmas tree! Use a small, artificial tree and decorate it with cat-friendly ornaments like paper chains, mini plush stuffies, jingle bells, and catnip-infused toys. You can change out the toys every few days to keep them entertained and let your cat discover new surprises in their tree. A Christmas tree provides enrichment for your cat since it brings novelty and fun as well as elements of the outdoors they would naturally encounter in the wild. It will also make your actual Christmas tree less appealing to them. 

Bake Holiday Treats

Baking cookies is a wonderful holiday tradition and you and your cat strengthen your bond by baking cat-friendly treats in winter shapes, like snowmen or snowflakes. Offer these treats to your cat on the holiday so they can participate in the celebrations too. It's a delicious and inventive way to include your cat in the holiday feasting and embrace the winter spirit. 

Have a Holiday Photo Shoot

Show off your cat’s Christmas cheer with a holiday photo shoot. Set them up in a festive scene, in front of their tree, cozy by the fireplace, or among the piles of presents and snap some cheery photos. If they don’t mind, have your cat wear a holiday bow tie or collar to look especially jolly. Capture some cute moments that you can treasure for years to come. 

Gift Your Cat a Few New Toys

Don’t forget your cat when you’re shopping for friends and family. Give your cat some new interactive toys for Christmas to keep them active and engaged. Toys like puzzle feeders, licky mats, ripple mats will provide enrichment and help keep your cat mentally and physically healthy. Interactive, electronic toys that mimic the movement and sounds of prey can also be entertaining and keep your cat occupied while you are out celebrating the season. Even though the holidays can be quite busy, remember to spend plenty of quality time playing with your cat - and their new toys.

Keep Cozy During Cold Weather

Cats love being cozy especially when it’s cold out so set up a cozy spot for them to curl up and keep warm. Place a cat bed or blankets near the fireplace or a sunny window and let your cat enjoy the coziness of the holiday season. If you live in a particularly cold area, you can even spoil them with a heated pet bed or blanket. Your cat will definitely appreciate it! 

Gift Your Cat their own Stocking

Make a stocking for your cat filled with their favorite cat treats and toys. Allow your cat to explore their stocking and open their presents. They will love the gifts and probably the stocking itself too!

Donate to Animals in Need

Honor your pet by giving to animals in need. If you’re able, donate to your local animal shelter or rescue and spread some holiday joy among animals still waiting for their forever homes. Many rescues will take gently used pet-related items so if you give your cat a new bed, cat tree, or some fancy new toys, consider donating their old ones to shelter pets.

We hope you have a fun and memorable holiday season with your friends, family, and especially pets. Celebrate all the joy and love your cat brings into your life and enjoy the fun times you get to spend together.

Love, Nala