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Feeling Blue? What You Need to Know About Improving Your Cat's Mental Health

October 11, 2022

Mental health is a very important topic of discussion when it comes to overall well-being, and it isn’t a subject exclusive to humans. Animals, including your cats, are subject to bouts of depression and anxiety that leave them emotionally struggling to get through the day. 

I understand that it can be difficult to see your precious fur baby feeling so low, but don’t worry! There are many easy and effective ways you can help boost their mood. 

Read on to learn the most common signs that your cat’s mental health is declining and what you can do to help them feel better soon. 

Signs of Depression and Anxiety in Cats

We felines don’t always, as humans put it, wear our hearts on our sleeves. Even when it comes to physical discomfort, we can be masters at hiding our pain. That’s why it can be easy to miss telltale signs of anxiety and depression in your cats. 

Here are some of the things to look for if you suspect your cat is feeling down or anxious: 

  • Loss of appetite: If your fur baby has hardly touched their food or become uninterested in their favorite treats, they could be feeling down in the dumps. 
  • Excessive scratching or grooming: Uneasy cats may turn to scratching objects they shouldn’t or overgrooming themselves to relieve their stress. 
  • Aggression: A depressed cat can be a bit grumpy. If your normally even-tempered pet is suddenly snappy, something isn’t quite right. 
  • Clinginess or reclusiveness: Depressed cats are known to either turn to their favorite humans for comfort or completely seclude themselves. 
  • Unusual body language: Your cat’s posture may speak for itself. Look for pinned back ears, a tucked tail, or fur standing on end. 
  • Oversleeping: Disproportionate amounts of sleep is a common sign of depression in both humans and cats. If your feline friend is snoozing for an abnormal amount of hours, depression could be to blame. 

‘Paw’some Ways to Improve Your Cat’s Mental Health 

Feed a Well-Balanced Diet

A poor diet is one of the leading causes of poor mental health, even for cats. If your feline’s food is loaded with fillers, carbs, or protein by-products, it may be time to discuss a new diet with your cat’s doctor. 

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Provide Fun Ways to Exercise

Just like humans, cats feel much better after a good workout. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your furry friend in shape and looking their best. 

Providing a space for your cat to climb such as a cat tree, ladder, or agility course can encourage them to get those muscles moving while satisfying their innate desire for high perches. You can also utilize toys like a laser pointer and cat teaser to not only get them moving but enjoy some playful bonding time together. 

Many cats also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. If your companion is one of them, a good walk around the block is another purrfect way to get their steps in for the day. Just make sure you leash train your cat properly and they’re protected from fleas, ticks, and heartworms before you attempt your first walk. 

Brain Games

It’s no secret that cats are just as smart as we are fabulous, and we enjoy a good challenge that puts our minds to work. 

There are plenty of fun interactive toys for cats that encourage us to solve puzzles for a reward like tasty treats. You can also create your own brain games at home by sending your cat on a treasure hunt for their favorite snacks hidden around the house or even teaching them a trick or two. Get creative and have fun! 

Give Plenty of Love

Studies have shown that owning a cat can significantly improve a human’s mental health, but did you know that your companionship is just as good for our well-being? 

If your cat is feeling a little down, show them how much you love them with gentle scratches, rubs, and pets. A good cuddle session is always a great form of medicine, too. Whatever you can do to show your cat that they are safe goes a long way. 

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