Feline Wellness

How to Brush your Cat's Teeth

September 23, 2019

All of our cats love eating! They eat breakfast and dinner and look forward to treat time. Because they love eating so much, it’s important for them and us that their teeth are healthy. As you know, all of our cats are adopted at different ages so some of them aren’t used to teeth cleaning. But we’ve learned that patience and persistence are key to making this part of their routine. We promise they get used to it and so will you!

We know that daily cleaning is the best but honestly, that’s not realistic for us and we have a feeling it’s not realistic for you. We believe doing the best you can with the time you have so we brush their teeth once a week. 

You can purchase a cat dental kit on Amazon. We use this cat/dog toothpaste and this toothbrush kit. We love the toothbrush kit because it includes both a standard toothbrush and a finger brush. Plus the colors help us differentiate between all of our cats!  

How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

  • Hold your cat in your lap and make sure they’re comfortable
  • Once relaxed, gently open their lip on one side and begin brushing the top teeth. Make sure to brush down away from the gumline. 
  • After you’re done with the top teeth, brush the bottom teeth. This time, brush up away from the gumline. 
  • Continue brushing on both sides.


  • Let the cat sniff the toothpaste. It’s designed to be enticing and cats naturally open their mouths.
  • Be patient. It’s hard at first so it’s ok if you can only brush one side. Try again tomorrow and brush the other side. 
  • Wrap the cat in a blanket, burrito style. 
  • Tons of compliments. Our cats know when they’re being complimented and we think this helps. 

We hope that these tips help you and your furry family members!