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How to Take Purr-fect Holiday Photos of your Cat

November 29, 2023

The holidays are the purr-fect time to make lasting memories and what better way to remember the good times than with great photos? Whether you want to mail out Christmas cards or create a unique social media post, now is the time to learn how to up your photography game so you can capture some festive shots of your furry friend.

Set the scene with cozy blankets, wrapped presents, or colorful lights. Try posing your pet in front of the Christmas tree or Menorah. You can even buy a fun holiday backdrop for them to pose on. Get creative and incorporate whatever cat-safe holiday decorations you have - stockings, Santa hats, garland - to create fun and memorable photos. 

Let your cat get comfortable and explore your set up. Be patient and give them a few minutes to relax so they don’t look startled in your photos. Once they’re sniffing and batting at your accessories, start snapping away! A curious cat will make for great candid photos, particularly action shots.

Lighting is super important in photography, especially for cats since their movements are so quick. If you want to capture their movements - a tongue flick, a swipe at a wand toy - you’ll need a good source of light or else it will all be a blur. Photographing near a window is very helpful and will highlight your pet’s features. Lighting is extra important when taking photos of black cats whose features may be more difficult to capture. The more light there is, the faster the camera will shoot. So if you want to capture crisp, clear photos set up in a well-lit room or turn on a lamp or two. 

The most compelling photos are when the cat is looking directly into the camera. This helps to draw the viewer’s attention right to your cat. If they’re looking away off camera, the viewer won’t feel as much of a connection. 

To get your cat to look at the camera, you’ll likely need to get their attention with some noisy toys or a bag of treats. Shake, jingle, and crinkle until your cat is looking right at the lens. Then quickly snap some shots. If you wave a wand toy above your camera, you may even get a cute action shot with your cat pawing for it. Win-win!

If your cat is more treat-motivated you can use treats to get their attention and keep them engaged. 

Cats have short attention spans so keep photo shoot sessions short and sweet so they enjoy the experience and don’t get frustrated. 

Try to be on the same level as your cat so you capture them at their best angle. If they’re laying on the floor under the tree, lay down on the floor and take some pix. If they’re cozying up in some blankets on the couch, squat down and snap away when you’re at their eye level. While you can definitely get creative as you gain photography experience and shoot from above or below, when you’re just starting out, it’s best to stick to the basics and try to capture your pet at their most flattering angle.

Focus on whatever you love most about your cat and what makes them special. If they’re vocal, try getting some mid-meow shots. If they’re playful, try getting some action shots. 

The holiday season is about celebrating joy and making memories with your nearest and dearest. What better way to honor your pet than by taking beautiful new photos that really showcase their charm? And remember to take some photos of the two of you together so you can always remember the love you share.

Love, Nala