Feline Wellness

Human Foods that are Harmful for Cats

October 22, 2019

As many of you know, the Love, Family treats their cats not just as pets, but furry family members. As a family member, they make sure that both the humans and furry family members eat a healthy diet together. It’s very tempting to feed the cats some human food, but they know it’s not good for them. Here’s a list of foods that human members may enjoy that they should make sure that their cats don’t consume.


A great glass of wine after a hard day of work is such a treat and we love it! However, cats can’t have any alcohol so make sure to clean up any spills immediately.


What goes well with red wine? Chocolate, of course! Consumption for cats can cause seizures so make sure that the cats don’t get to it.


We start our morning with a fresh brew of coffee. Just like humans who have a bit too much coffee/tea, it causes restless behavior, so no coffee/tea for cats.

Dairy Products

Pizza is a Love, Nala family-favorite for dinner (and breakfast and lunch!), but dairy causes diarrhea for cats so it needs to be avoided. 

Fat Trimmings

Not the best for any of our family members so none for the cats as well. 

Grapes and Raisins

Do you prefer red or green grapes? We prefer the more tart green grapes. Though there isn't specific scientific research, the cats don’t get any because we know it’s bad for dogs. It's not worth the risk of a possible illness for the cats. 


Tuna that’s in our wet food is great for cats! But tuna for human consumption or for our favorite tuna melts contains oils that may hurt a cat’s stomach. It’s best to avoid giving tuna made for human consumption.