Meet Nala & The Fam

Meet Stella

December 17, 2019

In 2008, Shannon adopted Stella aka Stella Bella for her nieces, Shayla and Shanna. She was taking care of them at the time and thought it would be good therapy for the kids to have a cat to love and care for. They adopted Stella from a PetSmart adoption event in partnership with a rescue called Joey’s Feline Friends

They had initially selected a cute orange ginger kitten and while they were waiting to fill out the adoption paperwork, the owner of the rescue told them the kitten wasn't a good match for our family. She explained that she has been matching cats to families for more than 20 years so they trusted her expertise. She went over to the kitty holding area and brought back a fuzzy, wild whiskered tuxedo cat that went by the name of Stella. She was 2 years old and her owner was forced to surrender her after being deployed to the war.

When they brought Stella home, it was instant love and there are no better words to describe it. She was an expert at using the litter box, communicating with all of them, she was playful, and most of all knew how to comfort the kids. Today, Stella can be found in the teenage headquarters (Shayla and Shanna’s rooms). She still sleeps in bed on Shayla’s pillow just like the day they brought her home. Stella taught them everything they needed to know about cats and she opened the door to the life they have now. 

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