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Small Businesses in the Pet Space and Why it’s Beneficial to Support Them

May 12, 2023

When you’re shopping for high-quality products for your cat, consider supporting small, independent pet companies instead of big corporations. By supporting small businesses, you can ensure that your cat is getting healthy, ethically made products, which helps reconstruct the entire pet industry for the better. Pet food should be healthy and products should be sustainably made and packaged. 

When you shop small and support a small business, you can rest assured that their products are made of high-quality ingredients and materials. Since small, independent businesses operate on a smaller scale than large corporations, they are able to be more involved in the production process and have more control over how their products are made. By openly sharing this information, potential customers can make informed decisions about buying from that company. 

Small businesses often add personal touches to ensure customer satisfaction. A thank you note or a little toy or treat included with your order can bring some joy to your - and your pet’s - day. Small business owners are passionate about their companies and the products they sell. They are truly grateful for your business and they show it through personalized service. 

Small businesses are more accessible than large companies, too, which makes it easier to engage with them if you have questions or want to provide feedback. Interaction with small business owners helps to build trust and establish a relationship. You know who you are buying from and know they appreciate your business. You can be sure you will get a quick response when you contact them and that they will do their best to resolve any issues. Letting them know you enjoy their products will really make their day too!

Supporting small businesses also encourages diversity. Small businesses offer unique and innovative products, which can’t be found anywhere else. If you want a great gift for the cat who has everything, try looking at small businesses rather than large chain stores. 

Small businesses stimulate the local economy. Their carbon footprint is usually quite small, which is great for the environment. Shopping small encourages community and conscious consumption. Knowing who made the products you buy and seeing where your money goes is really comforting and helps build long-lasting relationships. 

Independent businesses tend to help out with animal welfare causes, too. Oftentimes, a percentage of sales is donated or products are gifted to a local rescue organization. If you’re passionate about animal advocacy, fostering kittens, or doing TNR, you can probably find a small business that gives back to an organization you support. 

By supporting small businesses in the pet space, you are contributing to a vibrant and diverse local economy while ensuring that your own cat is getting high-quality products.