Meet Nala & The Fam

Meet Nala

August 08, 2019

Hello Love, Nala Community,  

My name is Nala better known as @nala_cat on Instagram.

I have known most of you for 7 years now but I wanted to introduce myself to my new friends. I was rescued from an animal shelter when I was 5 months old.  My previous owner wasn’t able to care for me but thankfully, I was adopted into a caring home, where I was given lots of love and healthy cat food to help me grow and thrive. 

In 2012, my mom Pookie started an Instagram account to share my story and in no time, photos of my cute face went viral across the internet and my loving community grew, making me the Guinness World Record holder for the most popular cat on Instagram. While my shining star began to rise, my Mom, Pookie and I met an early follower of mine, Shannon, who made me a very special bow tie.  From the moment we met, we were inseparable and our hearts and family quickly grew to include 4 kitty siblings, a pup, and 2 adopted human kids.  

My family and I feel so blessed to have found each other and created Love, Nala to share that love with generations of pets to come! Here at Love, Nala, we have spent a lot of time curating the perfect, healthy cat food recipes for the furry ones you love most. You can trust that every ingredient that goes into this bag of love has a purpose. 

I hope that your pets love our recipes as much as my siblings and I do.



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