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The Importance of Adopting a Shelter Cat

September 02, 2022

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how fortunate I am to live such a beautiful and comfortable life with my family. However, my story began in a very different place. 

Over ten years ago, when I was just a kitten, I was surrendered to an animal shelter by my previous owner. Luckily, it wasn’t long before my mom, Pookie, saw my photo. It was love at first sight. 

She adopted me and I was given all the toys, food, and love I could ever need! I’ve lived a pawsitively extraordinary life ever since, and I know many of my fellow adopted felines share similar stories. 

Opening your heart and home to a pet in need is a beautiful thing. Not only are you giving a sweet pet another chance at a loving home, but you’ll be supporting your local animal shelter and community. 

If you’re considering growing your family with another furry friend (or two), here are even more reasons why adopting a shelter cat is a fabulous option. 

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Shelter Cat

You’ll Be Saving More Than One Life

Did you know that there are approximately 3.2 million cats in shelters across the U.S. right now? It’s a sad fact, but here’s one that makes my fur stand on end. By the time you’re done reading this blog, around 10 of those cats will have been euthanized. 

Now for the good news! By adopting from a shelter, you are giving a cat a place to call home while opening space for other stray, abused, lost, and surrendered felines in search of their own furever homes. 

Helps Ease Overpopulation

The average unaltered female cat can have about two to three litters of kittens each year. I’d love to say “the more the merrier,” but this is one of the largest contributors to shelter overcrowding today. 

Animal shelters make a point to spay or neuter every pet that comes under their care. By adopting a shelter cat, you are preventing unwanted litters and reducing the number of homeless felines in shelters and on the streets. 

You’ll Find Many Great Cats

There is a rumor floating around that all pets from animal shelters have behavioral problems. Let me be the first to say that this is NOT TRUE!

Every shelter has an abundance of happy, loving animals just waiting to bring their joyful purrsonalities to your family. 

Plus, many of these pets were surrendered by previous owners (just like me!) due to situations like a big move or divorce. This means they’re already used to living in a home and having families, so getting them accustomed to your own home and family will most likely be an easy and smooth process. 

It Improves Your Health

Rescued pets aren’t the only ones to benefit from adoption. In fact, many studies have shown that adding a shelter pet to your family is great for your mental and physical health. 

A new furry friend could be the catalyst for lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and an improved ability to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and more. 

Your Life Will Change for the Better

Who rescued who? You’ll surely change your new fur baby’s life, but you may be surprised at just how much they change yours, too. 

Most shelter pets are grateful to be rescued and given a place to call home. This makes them loving companions and your best friend for life. 

How We’re Changing The Lives of Cats in Shelters

Supporting our local animal shelters and making homeless cats feel special is a very important part of what we do at Love, Nala. 

In less than a year, we’ve donated more than 50,000 meals to rescue kittens in need at Stray Cat Alliance and Kitten Rescue. We also sponsored the Fore the Animals Golf Tournament, an event in our community that benefited Animal Friends of the Valley.

If our efforts can change the life of even one shelter cat, it makes everything we do worthwhile! 

Help Us Support Homeless Pets While Feeding Your Cats Like Royalty

My humans and I couldn’t do all the amazing things we get to do every day without our pawsome community, and we’d love to have you join our growing family! 

When you buy Love, Nala’s super-premium cat food, not only are you serving up delicious and nutritious meals for your furry friend, but you’re helping us continue to make a difference for shelter cats in our community. 

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Thanks for stopping by and we’re so glad to have you with us! 

Love, Nala