Feline Wellness

What to Do with Your Cat When You Travel

July 12, 2023

It’s summertime and you deserve a vacation! But, what should you do with your cat while you’re gone? Here’s some advice on how to keep your cat cool, calm, and comfortable so you can enjoy your time away! 

Cats don’t like when their environment changes, so if you’re going out of town it’s best to find someone to care for your cats in your home. A friend, family member, or hired pet sitter can stop by to play with and feed your cats, and clean their litter boxes. And send you photos and videos to calm your nerves! If you’re hiring a pet sitter, make sure they come by and meet the cats (and YOU). Ensure that your cats seem ok with the sitter and that the sitter seems capable of caring for your precious pets!

While boarding facilities work great for dogs, cats take longer to adjust to new places and prefer to be at home. Stress (like from moving) can also cause cats to get sick, usually with an upper respiratory infection, or stop eating. They may think they have lost their home or their owner if they are in a boarding facility. For cats, staying home with someone to care for them while you’re traveling is ideal.

If you’ve never left your cat home alone before, start off with a small trip rather than a month-long vacation. Smaller periods of separation will help them be more comfortable when you’re away and reassure them that you will always return!

Make sure to provide plenty of enrichment activities to keep your cat occupied while you’re away. Electronic toys that keep them guessing or treat feeders will exercise both their minds and bodies and prevent boredom. Cat TV will keep them stimulated too and provide some background noise. 

Before you leave for your trip, make sure to provide instructions for your sitter on caring for your cat. Include when and how much they eat, emergency contact information, and any medications they take. Make sure you have enough food, litter, and treats to last until you return.

Consider buying a pet camera so you can check on your cat while you’re away. Some cameras even have the ability to talk with your pet or distribute treats! 

Hopefully these suggestions will help your cat remain calm while you’re gone so you can relax and enjoy your much-deserved time off!