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10 Tips when Flying with your Cat

November 05, 2019

How to fly with your cat   

It’s travel season for both humans and our pets which means it’s the season to figure out if you’re going to drive or fly with your cat. We fly with Nala about every 3 months for her meet and greets. Luckily for us, she was a natural flyer and loved being in her travel carrier and looking out the window. But, we make sure that she’s comfortable by following these tips for pre, during, and post-flight. Here are our 10 tips when flying with your cat. 

Flying with your cat: Pre-flight 

Travel carrier 

Make sure that your cat is comfortable with her travel carrier. Familiarize her with the carrier by leaving it open and putting in her favorite blanket and toys. You can even feed her a treat inside the carrier if that makes her happy. Test the carrier in the car and have her get used to the movements that occur in the carrier. And make sure to check the carrier size restrictions for the airline that you’re flying. 

Check health records

We make sure that all of Nala’s vet records are up to date and she’s in good health to fly. If it’s your cat’s first time flying, we recommend that you consult with your vet just to make sure. Also, we make sure to carry her vet record with us just in case. 

Put on a collar

You should always have a collar on your cat but it’s especially important to come flight time. Double-check that her collar is secure and has the correct contact information. 


We let Nala know of our travel plans so she’s aware. We truly believe she understands us when we tell her that she’s going to be boarding a plane.  

Flying with your cat: During the flight 

Arrive early

As much as we want to be able to board right at boarding time, we arrive extra early just in case. With the added responsibility of traveling with a cat, eliminating as much stress as possible keeps both us and Nala relaxed.

Calming aid

Nala is on CBD oil for many reasons and we think that it also helps keep her calm during the flight. There are other calming treats available that you could try if you're worried. But for Nala, she doesn't need a calming aid as she loves to fly.  

Keep her in the carrier 

As much as we love our cats and there are many cat lovers out there, not everyone enjoys the company of a cat. We try to be respectful of other passengers if we don’t have the whole row to ourselves and keep Nala in her carrier. In the beginning, we would just peek in to make sure that she’s doing ok but wouldn’t open the carrier. This helped minimize her meowing and giving her false indication that it’s ok for her to come out. 

Flying with your cat: Post-flight


Just like humans are exhausted from flying no matter how long the flight is, cats are too. We usually go straight to the hotel and set up her litter box so she can take a breather.

Reward with treats

We praise Nala on how well she did by rewarding her with treats. 


We let Nala know of our upcoming travel plans so she’s aware. She intently listens and meows in agreement and excitement. 

*Nala is an emotional support animal. Please read the airline’s rules prior to travel.