Meet Nala & The Fam

Meet Steven William Mathews Ellis

December 17, 2019

Today, we’re introducing you to Steve, better known as part of the dynamic duo @stella_and_steve. If he were to have a driver’s license though, his name on there would be Steven William Mathews Ellis. 

In 2010, Shannon got a call from a friend that worked at VCA animal hospital. The friend reported a kitten being dropped off at their clinic after being found abandoned behind a dumpster. They asked if Shannon would provide foster care until they could find this kitty a forever home. She agreed of course and he was dropped off to her that same day. When he arrived, he was only 4 pounds, fragile, and sick. At the time, Shannon had already adopted Stella and thought the name Steve matched Stella perfectly. 

The special bond with Steve and Shannon was instant. Stella helped her love and nurture him back to health. She fostered Steve for a few months and realized there was no way she could spend the rest of her life without him. He needed to be with the family forever. Today, Steve is a hunk, a lover, and so sweet to the other furry babies. Steve is the only one that grooms every kitty except for Nala because queens only groom themselves. 

Fun Facts about Steve:

  • Steve knows how to play fetch 
  • Steve will come to you when you call his name
  • Steve is 14 pounds of handsome but has the tiniest meow
  • Steve is very close to Shannon and sleeps on the right side of her in bed every night 
  • Steve is the only one of Love, Nala family of cats that has a middle name 
  • Steve is a tuxedo kitty that inspired Shannon to sew her very first bow tie 
  • Steve is 9 years young (the same age as Nala)  
  • Steve’s favorite food is Love, Nala’s Chicken and Pumpkin Dinner in Gravy 

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