Feline Wellness

How to Make Treat Time More Fun

June 27, 2024

While there are many benefits to giving your feline friend a treat or two, it’s important to make the whole experience fun in order to keep your cat happy, engaged, and mentally stimulated.

Here are some suggestions to make treat time more fun:

In the wild, cats have to search for their prey and hunt them in order to get a meal. Recreating that experience for your cat will keep them mentally stimulated and physically active. Try hiding treats around your home and allow your cat to find them. When they find their treat, they catch their ‘prey’ and are rewarded - just like in the wild. Similarly, when you are playing with your cat, once they pounce on and ‘attack’ their toy, toss them a treat. This will not only create a positive association between treats and playtime, but it will make your cat feel like they have successfully ‘killed’ their prey and are now reaping the benefits of their hunt. 

  • Interactive treat dispensers or puzzle toys are other great options for keeping your cat engaged. Cats like to problem solve and they can have a lot of fun figuring out how to get their reward. Puzzles can keep your cat occupied and help prevent boredom, loneliness, and anxiety, especially when they are home alone.
  • Consider using catnip-infused treats or toys with catnip inside. Catnip can enhance your cat's playfulness and enthusiasm, making treat time more fun and bringing more joy to their day.
  • Use treats to reinforce positive behaviors. Cats can learn commands and tricks - like how to sit, look, or high five - more effectively when they are rewarded with a little treat. Cats are extremely intelligent and offering a treat can certainly encourage them to do a desired behavior.
  • Cats are creatures of habit who love routine. Getting them on a schedule for treat time will give them something to look forward to. They will learn to associate treat time with a certain time of day or a specific activity. 
  • Offer a variety of treats with different textures and flavors to keep things interesting for your cat. There are endless possibilities and your cat will love to try them all - crunchy treats, chewy treats, freeze-dried or air-dried treats, and mousse treats.
  • Hopefully, by incorporating these strategies, you can make treat time even more fun and rewarding for your cat and strengthen the bond you share while providing some much needed mental and physical stimulation.
Love, Nala