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How to Teach your Cat to High Five

May 16, 2023

Cats are incredibly intelligent animals who love to learn. A great way to keep them stimulated and entertained is to teach them tricks. Teaching your cat to high five is not only fun and adorable but it is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship between you and your pet. 

Training sessions should be short and sweet. Try five or ten minute intervals a few times a day. And always stop before your cat gets bored or frustrated. You want to end the session on a high note. 

Here’s how to teach your cat to high five in 5 easy steps:  

Choose a treat: Opt for a treat that your cat loves that is small enough for them to eat quickly. You don’t want to overfeed them, so a tiny bite of their favorite snack is a perfect reward. 

  • Get your cat's attention: Hold the treat in front of your cat's nose to get them interested. Your cat will likely reach out with their paw to get at the treat. They may try to bite or lick the treat, but wait until they use their paw instead of their mouth.

  • Touch their paw: When your cat touches the treat with their paw, praise them and say "High five" while allowing them to eat the treat.

  • Repeat: Repeat the process several times a day until your cat starts to understand that pawing at  the treat is what earns her the reward. 

  • Remove the treat: Once your cat has mastered the art of the “high five”, try to master the trick without using a treat. When they do it successfully, reward them with lots of praise and the occasional treat.

Remember to be patient and to always use positive reinforcement. If your cat seems uninterested or frustrated, take a break and try again later. Trick training is meant to be a fun way to give your cat some much needed mental and physical exercise while strengthening the bond you share.

Love, Nala