Feline Wellness

New Year, New Me-ow

January 03, 2023

When you are making your list of New Year’s resolutions for yourself, don’t forget to include some goals for your furry baby. Here are some ideas to help keep your cat physically and mentally healthy so they can live their best life too.

Get a Physical Exam

Annual vet visits are extremely important for early detection and treatment. If a vet diagnoses a problem early on, some simple medications or maybe even just a few lifestyle changes can help manage the condition. Annual exams are also great for providing a baseline of your cat’s vital signs and weight. If your cat falls ill a few months later, the vet will have a recent record of your pet’s overall health. So even if your cat appears healthy, it’s a great idea to schedule a wellness exam once a year just to make sure all is well.

Be More Active

A little more exercise never hurt anyone, cats included. Movement is good for both their physical and mental health, helping to keep them excited about life. Try to incorporate more fun into their day with quick bursts of play. Let them chase a laser toy or pounce around on a wand toy for 5-10 minutes a few times throughout the day to get their heart rate up. While cats are known for sleeping about 15 hours per day, a lot of those naps may be due to boredom. A few new toys - whether store bought or homemade - will intrigue your cat, letting them expel some energy and filling their waking hours with fun. 

Eat A Balanced Diet

An average healthy adult cat should eat about twice a day - ideally 2-3 ounces of wet food for both breakfast and dinner - and about a half of a cup of dry food to graze on throughout the day. High quality food with different flavors and textures will keep them interested by adding variety. Supplements can help your cat attain optimum health by improving their digestion, skin, and mood. Treats are great in moderation and can be used as rewards - when your cat has a great bout of playing with their wand toy, for example, give them a few bites of mousse. Try to feed your cat their meals after a playtime session as this mirrors a wild cat hunting and then eating their prey.

Use Your Brain

Keep your cat mentally stimulated with puzzle toys and interactive games. Cats can get bored just like humans and learning new things will help keep them engaged and motivated. Try teaching your cat to high five or sit on command. Buy them a few treat feeders or lick mats so they have to work for their food. Put on some cat TV so they can see new sights and hear new sounds. Giving them the opportunity to solve a problem or experience a new environment - even if it’s just a video - will get their brains working and keep them energized and inspired.

Making your cat’s days a little brighter will strengthen the bond you share, ensuring your life together is the best possible. 

Happy New Year! Here’s to a happy, healthy 2023.

Love, Nala