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🙀 Your Ultimate Guide to Food Placement for Cats 🍗

June 17, 2022

I believe I can vouch for most of my fellow felines when I say we’re quite particular creatures. From our favorite nap spots in the sun to specific rules for tummy scratches, we just like things a certain way. 

We also have preferences when it comes to our food placement, and for good reason. Our wild ancestors favored certain mealtime methods in case a rival or predator approached, and those instincts have been passed down to us.

If you want to provide the best and healthiest dining experience for every meal, here is the best advice I can give on food placement for cats, transitioning to a new feeding location, and the best dishes for your pet’s food. 

Choosing the Purrfect Cat Food Bowl

Food placement for cats is important, but choosing the right bowl for your fur baby is just as essential. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the ideal cat food bowl: 

  • Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are mostly recommended by cat experts because they are sturdy and dishwasher safe. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy eating from my raised ceramic bowl. Just make sure you opt for ones made with lead-free glaze. 
  • Rethink those plastic bowls! Bacteria and oil can build up inside the plastic, which could cause an acne-like allergic reaction if they come into contact with your cat’s skin. 
  • Consider dishes that are shallow and wide. It can be uncomfortable for us to bend our faces down into deep bowls. 
  • Do you like to eat from plates that haven’t been washed in weeks? Neither do we! Whatever bowl you choose, make sure it’s either easy to wash or dishwasher safe. Dry food bowls should be cleaned every few days and wet food bowls should be washed daily. 

Food Placement for Cats and the Best Spots in Your Home

Many cat parents let their pets eat in the kitchen or a busy walkway, but they’re unaware that these aren’t necessarily our favorite spots to feed. 

If you’re wondering where to put your cat food and water bowls, these pointers will steer you in the right direction. 

A Quiet Spot Away From Foot Traffic

We prefer to dine in peace, and if people or other pets are constantly running back and forth around our food bowl, it creates a less than relaxing eating situation. That’s why places like a busy kitchen or hallway may not be the best feeding area. 

Your cat may prefer to eat in a spare bedroom, a bathroom that’s rarely used, the laundry room, or an office. If you don’t have a quiet space in your home or dogs that enjoy munching on cat food, an elevated shelf or table will do the trick. 

Dinner With a View

Before cats were domesticated, we had to look out for predators or rival cats while eating. For this reason, tight corners and other areas with limited visibility may not be appealing to us. 

When placing your cat’s food, make sure they’ll be able to see what’s going on around them. It will make them feel much more comfortable during mealtimes. 

Stay Away From the Litter Box

Nobody likes to eat where they “go,” including us cats. It’s best to keep a considerable distance between the litter box and our food. 

Not only is it unsanitary, but our wild cat instincts tell us to use the bathroom away from our nest so that predators don’t pick up on our scents. Eating near our litter box goes against this very instinct. 

Separate Food and Water Bowls

This may seem extra picky, but it’s just a fact that cats don’t like to have their food and water bowls right next to each other. This could be because our ancestors hunted away from water sources.

Also, we think it’s plain nasty when a piece of our food falls into the water. Gross! 

How to Transition to a New Feeding Location

It’s easy to just pick up our bowls and move them to a new location, but this is a big no-no! We’re creatures of habit, and relocating our food without warning can confuse us and disrupt our eating schedules. 

Instead, keep our current bowl where it is and simply add a new bowl to the spot you’ve decided on. Once we notice it, we’ll begin to snack out of that bowl, as well. 

We’ll eventually adjust and you’ll be able to remove the bowl from the old location. 

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Cat food placement is just the beginning! If you want to serve up deliciously healthy meals that your furry babies will love, I invite you to try my grain-free wet and dry cat food.

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Thanks for stopping by and we’re excited to have you join us on this incredible journey to better cat nutrition.