Feline Wellness

10 Houseplants that are Safe for your Cat and Dog

October 22, 2019

At the Love, Nala home and office, we love having houseplants! Since the works from home most of the time, it’s nice to have a bit of green. All the cats love hanging out in their little oasis. We put in a cat tree next to the plants so they can nap there at any time. A little jungle in the city. 

But not all houseplants are safe to have. Since we have both cats and a dog, we created a list of houseplants that are safe for both your cat and dog that we think are easy to maintain. 

  1. Bird’s nest fern
  2. Calathea rattlesnake
  3. Spider plant
  4. Parlor palm
  5. Air plant
  6. Money tree 
  7. Peperomia green
  8. Bamboo palm
  9. Echeveria Lola 
  10. Swedish ivy