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2019 Holiday Gift Guide by Nala Cat and Friends!

December 09, 2019

Toys, gadgets, jewelry, food…the gifts are endless this holiday season! But let’s not forget about our furry friends that make our lives better each and every day.

Nala cat along with her mighty crew of feline friends has put together some of their favorite and trusted products that make for a perfect gift for any furbaby! Best of all each has included an animal welfare organization that they support so you can join us in supporting homeless pets as well. 

Keep your cats happy and healthy this season with these products recommended by the ones who know best with Nala Cat and friends Holiday Gift Guide.

  1. Cat Cave ($69.99)

Pudge the cat loves how the wool keeps her nice and warm--, especially during the winter months! Pudge’s mom says she likes it because Pudge's hair blends into it so you can’t tell it’s covered in Pudge hair. For all those with cats, you know how much a relief that is!

Foundation: Cat Café Lounge

  1. Cat Exercise Wheel ($199)


Cats of Instagram says this wheel is perfect for the ultimate indoor kitty workout to help cats achieve their fitness goals-- humans aren’t the only ones looking to get fit in the new year.

Foundation: Stray Cat Alliance

  1. Moody Pet Fling ($25)


Waffles approved is the MOODY PET Fling-AMA String Cat Toy. “I love the string toy, I play with it every day. I’m obsessed with it!” says Waffles. And this cat knows a thing or two about leisure.

Foundation: World Wildlife Fund

  1. Cats of Instagram 2020 Wall Calendar ($10.39)


The 2020 Cats on Instagram Wall Calendar makes the perfect gift says, Luna Rose. Over 400 adorable cat photos that will make every cat lover happy!

Foundation: Love Your Feral Felines

  1. Pet Fountain ($89.99)


Water fountains encourage kitties to drink more water and White Coffee loves this fountain! Most kitties prefer flowing water and that’s what makes this perfect for every feline kitty.

Foundation: Milo’s Sanctuary 

  1. Sleepypod ($189.99)

Maccha loves her Sleepypod so much that she sometimes relaxes in it even when she isn’t traveling because it is so comfy. This non-traditional carrier is a top-notch mobile pet bed!

Foundation: Lions Tigers & Bears 

  1. Kitty Jungle Cat Tree ($149.99)


When you want a cat tree that doesn’t scream “CAT TREE,” and for the owner who can’t keep a real plant alive for more than a week, you can’t go wrong with this multi-tier realistic cat tree and shelves from On2pets. Assembly is a breeze and Porkchop can’t get enough of hiding amongst the leaves. It really brings out their inner jungle cat.

Foundation: Flatbush Cats

  1. Heated Throw ($23.99)


Nathan the Cat Lady loves this because it keeps his cats warm when it’s cold and they all share the space, so it brings them together and helps them bond.

Foundation: Stray Cat Alliance

  1. Colorful Spring Toys ($8.99)


This toy is so simple but for some reason, they are the only toy that really catches Merlin The Mad Ragdoll’s attention! The bright colors and swirling movement really get him moving!

Foundation: Ontario SPCA

  10. Flower Pet Fountain ($27.99)

Hiro is a picky water drinker and this water fountain is the ONLY fountain that helps Hiro drink more water. He’s fixated by the water flowing so it attracts him to paw at it and while he’s there, he drinks up!

Foundation: Daisy’s Hope Foundation

  1. Wall Mounted Gardens Complex Cat Shelf Set ($555)

Stella and Steve can’t get enough of this climbing adventure! This gift will keep kitties engaged, exercised and entertained. Cats naturally love to climb, hunt and scratch so this product helps take care of some of their most instinctive basic needs.

Foundation: The Smush Foundation

  12. Love, Nala ($14.19)


Nala Cat tested and recommended. Love, Nala was created and inspired by the pure love of fur babies and to share the best products to fans of Nala and beyond. The recipes promise to be the highest quality providing balanced and nutritious meals with wholesome ingredients like real fish, poultry and chickpeas. Wet and dry options available.

Foundation: Kitten Rescue


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