The Funnies

Black Cats Bring Good Luck

October 14, 2019

It’s a spooky time of year. In the US, many Halloween movies feature black cats as spooky cats associated with bad witches. There’s a superstition that a black cat crossing is a sign of bad luck. Not only is this old superstition untrue, but it’s also harmful to their reputation and well-being. In many other cultures, black cats are known to bring good luck. Our co-founder Shannon is half Japanese and in her culture, black cats signify good luck and prosperity. They’re used as a “manekineko” which translates to a cat inviting people into their lives. 

For many years, black cats were mistreated and had a harder time being adopted. But great news, the luck of black cats are changing! The new data compiled by ASPCA show that out of the adopted cats in the US, 31% were black cats, compared to 20% gray cats. If you're thinking of adopting a cat, our partner Kitten Rescue Los Angeles has many beautiful black cats that are looking for a forever home. 

In the Nala Cat household, they have 6 adopted cats total. The household statistic is 17% gray, 33% white, 17% calico, and 33% tuxedo.  

Though there are no negative stigmas against tuxedo cats, they have the lowest adoption rate. As you may already know, our dynamic duo Stella and Steve are both tuxedo cats. They’re both very sweet cats and are great cat models as well as you can see on their Instagram. Steve is besties with Apollo and has taken him in since day one. He’s a great big brother and taught him the house rules and how to be a cat. You can often find him grooming Apollo after some playtime. Stella is what the family lovingly calls cow-kitty. She’s quite shy and is an independent lady. Her favorite spot is the heated pet bed in her room. We will do spotlights for both of them just like we did for Nala and Coffee so stay tuned!