Feline Wellness

Thanksgiving Safety for Cats

November 20, 2023

While Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals of the year, it’s important to remember that some human foods can be quite harmful to cats. Even during this joyous season of sharing with loved ones, please be aware of what special treats you are giving to your pet. Cats have very delicate digestive systems and they are sensitive to dietary changes. 

Here are some quick tips for ensuring Thanksgiving food safety for cats so you can enjoy your feast without worry:

A couple bites of turkey is ok and will likely be much appreciated by your cat. Bones, however, can cause injury to cats (and dogs) when swallowed so never offer them to pets.

A few licks of gravy (as long as it has little to no seasoning), and some tastes of side vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or corn are ok for cats too.  

Garlic and onions are toxic to cats so avoid giving your kitty any samples of seasoned mashed potatoes or stuffing. Definitely don’t offer them any stuffing that has raisins inside as raisins (and grapes) are toxic to cats.

Nuts, especially macadamias, can cause major digestive upset and even pancreatitis in cats so don’t offer your furry friend any sweet potato pecan casserole! 

While cranberries themselves are fine for cats and are even included in some cat foods and treats, cranberry sauce is too sugary for cats to properly enjoy.

Similarly, cats cannot taste sweets so no need to worry about sharing any slices of pie with them - whatever flavor they may be! Your cat will not be able to appreciate the pie in all its glory so don’t waste one bite!

Alcohol and coffee are both toxic to cats so don’t leave any food OR drinks unattended, especially if your cat is quite curious.

While it is adorable to want to share your holiday feast with your cat, their health and well-being should come first. A few bites of a special treat is enough for them along with a whole lotta extra love.

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Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Nala